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Life at CITIC Telecom CPC

Culture & Awards

CITIC Telecom CPC combines corporate and caring environment into one, in which we cherish these two components when it comes to day-to-day operations. Our Company practices a flat organizational structure to promote friendliness among members and to encourage people from all rankings and departments to mingle together and become a big family with mutual care and support.

We do care about the well-being and the health of our staff, thus stressing on creating a healthy, fun and caring working environment is a must, such as organizing staff activities like health talks and sports competitions. We also strive to promote a family-friendly working environment by conducting diverse family activities to engage family members in Company social events to show our care for the family members in addition to our staff themselves.

We organized the bubble soccer activity for staff to build friendship and relax after work.
Basketball competition was one of the sporting activities we had. This could encourage our staff to stay healthy and help build team spirit.
We invited our staff and their family members to participate in staff activities like a marathon run.
A DIY body scrub workshop was held to advocate the importance of ‘Go Green’ and Fair Trade.

Providing care to staff is always easier said than done, but CITIC Telecom CPC’s recognition by various organizations is an excellent explanation to reveal its commitment in caring for the staff. Below are some of the awards we have received in recognition of our commitment to care for our staff:

Corporate Social Responsibility

Recognizing the success of a business depends on incorporating its profits made and whether it takes the concerns of different stakeholders into account, we treat corporate social responsibilities as of utmost importance. Therefore, we always give back to society by acknowledging and matching existent societal concerns and needs, such as visiting the elderly during festivals to provide them with warmth and care. Other than that, we also organized activities to educate our staff the importance of protecting the environment and the ways to ‘Go Green’ to ensure our business operation does not hinder the environment and to create a better living.

Visiting the elderly during festivals revealed our commitment in caring for the minority groups in society.
Action speaks louder than words! We did not simply say we ‘Go Green’ but we also actively participated in activities organized by green organizations, such as the Green Power Hike.
Our staff participated in the charity football competition to promote fair trade.

Development & Training

As staff is the most valuable asset for a company, our Company focuses on providing comprehensive training to staff to enhance their professionalism in the telecom field as well as the general business arena. Apart from day-to-day on-the-job training and organizing specific in-house training programs, we are also willing to devote valuable resources for our staff to undergo external soft skills and technicaltrainings, such as to sponsor their external training courses, holding seminars and organizing team building events. To ensure our staff capture all-rounded skills, the first and foremost training we offer to young talents is the Management Trainee Program, which allows for rotations in different departments for trainees to understand general business operations and to enhance their horizon by knowing more about each sector in the industry.

Team building activities were held regularly to foster effective teamwork and innovation in the workplace.
We often arranged seminars and invited professional speakers to our Company to enlighten our staff with recent market updates.
Product trainings were often held to enhance our staff’s familiarity with our Company products.
We arranged data center visits for staff to strengthen their understandings on our day-to-day operations.