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Management Trainee Programme

CITIC Telecom CPC organizes the Management Trainee Program to nurture trainees with all-rounded activities. This Program emphasizes on developing trainees through diverse undertakings, mainly through day-to-day on-the-job trainings, embarking on different projects, coupled with occasional data center visits, office tours and hosting soft skills as well as technical trainings.

The Program comprises comprehensive on-the-job training in different functional departments, ranging from product design to customer services, giving young talents an opportunity to capture both technical and non-technical understandings of today’s ICT operation. Rotations in different departments allow young talents to recognize their strengths and interests in the ICT industry so as to set a clear target for your career path. Moreover, it is common to have a fulfilling career with rewarding prospect in ICT industry upon completion of the Management Trainee Program, paving the way for envious and quick escalation through your career path.

Inviting our management trainees to be involved in our annual event allowed them to develop team spirit.
The presentation skills workshop was precious for our management trainees. They could learn more about effective communication, which enhanced both workplace communication and social interactions.
The management trainee orientation session offered the best opportunity for trainees to realize our Company’s organizational structure and culture.

We have a few encouraging examples of trainees opening up rewarding career prospects after the Program, let’s see what they say about it:

Connie Lin - Senior Manager, Consulting and Services Delivery (2010 Intake)

Common to all fresh graduates, I was worried about my career path when I first stepped in society. Luckily, the Management Trainee Program provided me a complete platform to look deep and experience different kinds of job nature to set my career goals. I have realized my interest working in the security department after my rotation and started pursuing my career in the relevant department. Being a Senior Manager leading the security team now, I will continue to share my knowledge to the trainees, hoping that they can learn as much as I did and escalate through their career paths.

Tommy Wong - Project Manager (2014 Intake)

The Management Trainee Program provides a precious opportunity for me to experience the Company’s operation through departmental rotations. I participated in meetings and liaised with external vendors, eventually improving my communication and negotiation skills in the business field. I am grateful to continue working for CITIC Telecom CPC as a Project Manager in the Customer Services Department after completing the Program. Apart from all the technical and soft skills learnt, my aspiration to develop my long term career in CITIC Telecom CPC is strengthened by the caring working environment the Company provides, with the emphasis of work life balance to ensure we feel comfortable working here.

Tiffany Ngai - Business Operation Executive (2015 Intake)

"Continuous learning and improvement" is always the motto imprinted on my mind. CITIC Telecom CPC Management Trainee Program is definitely more than just a Program that engages fresh graduates to work in different departments but also provides an interactive learning environment for us to excel and develop ourselves to be an all-rounded person. With on-the job training and departmental rotations, complemented by various soft skills workshops, I gain a comprehensive understanding on how a business operates, as well as a new perspective to deal with inter-departmental issues. I am thoroughly enjoying my work in CITIC Telecom CPC and am eagerly awaiting the journey ahead.

We welcome young talents with “can do” and “will succeed” attitude to join us. The Program is the initial step to your fruitful journey ahead! Please send your full resume and cover letter with expected salary to jobs@citictel-cpc.com