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SmartCLOUD™ Compute
SmartCLOUD™ Compute

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SmartCLOUD™ DaaS
SmartCLOUD™ DaaS


SmartCLOUD™ M@il
SmartCLOUD™ M@il


Information Security Services

Managed Advanced Security

Peace Of Mind Managed Information Security Solutions for Enterprises

  • TrustCSI™ MSS

    TrustCSI™ MSS

    Your Security is Our Top Priority
  • TrustCSI™ ATP

    TrustCSI™ ATP

    Secure your Enterprise with the Superior Synergy of TrustCSI™ ATP
  • TrustCSI™ IAS

    TrustCSI™ IAS

    Vulnerability Management Solution For Preemptive And Cost-effective Protection Against Security Threats

Managed Protection Service

Next Generation Enterprise Business Firewall against Next Generation Threats

  • TrustCSI™ MAS

    TrustCSI™ MAS

    Proven Platform, Expert Service, Secure Applications
  • TrustCSI™ MFS

    TrustCSI™ MFS

    Next Generation Enterprise Security against Next Generation Threats
  • TrustCSI™ UTM

    TrustCSI™ UTM

    Unified Threat Management Your Managed Network Security Solution With Intelligent Aggregated Alerts

Service Portal

Now you can orchestrate your whole enterprise from a single, convenient, user-friendly interface. ManagedCONNECT is an advanced online portal that gives you broad visibility of your information technology status, and easy management of CITIC Telecom CPC services for networking.

Security Operations Centers

Security Operations Centers (SOCs) are built on carrier-grade Network Operations Centers (NOCs), equipped with advanced SIEM technology and managed by certified security expertise. Apart from providing professional training, CITIC Telecom CPC crafts necessary security policies, procedures and processes to ensure the highest standards of services delivery.

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