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SmartCLOUD™ M@il


Your Reliable Network Traffic Analyzer

CITIC Telecom CPC Traffic Monitoring Service (TMS) provides robust and encompassing online monitoring platform for enterprises to observe real-time network behavior and the network's overall condition anytime. Network professional can have an in-depth visibility on corporate network usage, not only bandwidth, but also applications and users. Whether enterprises need 24 x 7 uptime monitoring, detailed analysis report, early detection of problems and prompt alert - TMS is the answer!

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+852 2170 7401

How CITIC Telecom CPC TMS can help you?

  • Identifying Top Talkers and Conversations
  • Projecting Traffic Trends and Usage Patterns
  • Defining Applications to Recognize Specific Traffic
  • Improving Accuracy of Resources Allocation
  • Automated Report Generation and Distribution
  • Immediate Alerting
  • Recognizing 100+ Application Protocols


  • 24x7 Monitoring - TMS provides users round-the-clock network management platform; users can monitor their comprehensive network health anytime, anywhere via Internet.
  • 24x7 Alerting - Users can customize their alert conditions, and email will send to customer’s specified email immediately as a reminder
  • Manageability - TMS throws light on how business services are impacted by an issue, thereby helping take a priority based management scenario
  • Flexibility - TMS allows users to generate their own customize report on daily, weekly or monthly

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