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Information Assessment Service

Vulnerability Management Solution For Preemptive And Cost-effective Protection Against Security Threats

Vulnerability management is an on-going process that helps preventing unauthorized access of your valuable data, customer information, critical network assets and intellectual property from your network infrastructure. With the rapid increase of IP usage, networks become businesses’ vital infrastructure that would greatly affect operations. To ensure networks are running smoothly and data is securely managed, TrustCSI™ IAS is designed for enterprises to identify potentially damaging vulnerabilities in their network infrastructure and web applications, with penetration test service reports and recommendations for them to take immediate remedy actions.

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Holistic Vulnerability Assessment

  • Vulnerability Assessment – Identify and prioritize risks in the network infrastructure
  • Network Equipment Policy Assessment - Ensure the highest level of network protection and performance through the policy review
  • Web Application Assessment - Identify potential or realized threats arisen from inadvertent mis-configuration, weak authentication, insufficient error handling and sensitive information leakage etc
  • Network Infrastructure Design Assessment - Evaluate and improve the network design for meeting the set IT objectives


  • The service is fully managed by experienced IT security specialists
  • Comprehensive assessment to minimize the risk of non-compliance
  • Proactive identification and prioritization of risks to prevent possible threats
  • Comprehensive reports with actionable recommendations
  • Optional re-audit services to verify client's risk remediation actions

4-tiered approach for effective vulnerability management

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