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Managed WAN Optimization Services

Managed WAN Optimization and VPN Accelerator Solution

To stay competitive, enterprises need their employees tap into useful information and critical applications across WAN, anytime and anywhere. However, this puts tremendous strain on IT to deliver an increasing number of applications over their WANs. Critical hybrid solutions running at data center (e.g. data replication, backup and DR recovery) are not always practical as they require lengthy processing over the WAN. WAN latency problems caused by geometric distance also result in degrading application performance. Enterprises thus need a solution that is able to optimize their application performance, accelerating data transfers, and enhancing productivity.

With TrueCONNECT™ Accelerator (Managed WAN Optimization and VPN Accelerator Service), these hassles are a thing of the past. It is capable of improving WAN application performance up to 200 times as well as overcoming WAN latency problems to deliver LAN-like performance to branch offices. With data moving much faster and applications running seamlessly, users will become more productive, wherever they are.

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TrueCONNECT™ Accelerator Network Diagram


  • LAN-like application preformance in branch
  • Connect to the broadest range of business-critical applications; for file sharing (CIFS and NFS), sending emails with attachments (MAPI, Lotus Notes), and surfing the net (HTTP), as well as databases
  • Reduce TCP hand shake and enable greater utilization of WAN bandwidth
  • Deploy transparently without any changes to applications, users, routers or other IT infrastructure, and no tunnel configurations required
  • Easy to grow with customer business needs and bandwidth upgrade
  • Work across all common Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) applications to optimize WAN bandwidth utilization

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