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Industry Challenges

In today’s fast-paced technological era, e-commerce companies must ensure an effective and consistent customer experience across all channels, if they are to successfully reap the benefits of e-commerce business models. Yet challenges abound in multiple areas, including maintaining website availability, user-friendly access for a wide variety of devices, technical support for customers and internal staff, applications availability and data backup, and not least of all cybersecurity against a wide range of threats. Performance delays in customer-facing systems, and other service outages due to network overload or improper IT management have the potential to severely disrupt every e-commerce transaction, and negatively impact long-term business reputation and customer loyalty. Thus, e-commerce enterprises must maintain responsive, secure, and seamless user experiences, and highly available backend services, round the clock.

How CITIC Telecom CPC can help

E-commerce companies that use a legacy model of directly operating and managing their own IT infrastructure will quickly find that this approach is no longer tenable in today’s environment. Common challenges include services downtime, scalability problems, and very high cost, both initial CAPEX and OPEX.

Instead, by outsourcing to CITIC Telecom CPC and leveraging a cloud-based paradigm, e-commerce enterprises can enjoy a much better infrastructure model, with zero CAPEX, cost-effective OPEX, and extremely high performance, versatility, scalability, and security.

The key to all these benefits is CITIC Telecom CPC’s SmartCLOUD™ cloud computing platform. SmartCLOUD™ Compute and SmartCLOUD™ vONE, both built from the ground up with VMware’s virtualization technologies, combine to provide a powerful and easily scalable cloud computing solution that can be fully tailored for e-commerce, able to deliver a high traffic, secure and stable end-user experience to drive more online revenue, while reducing back-end complexity and cost.

To optimize application performance and efficiency, SmartCLOUD™ TAB (Traffic and Application Balancer) can intelligently manage application execution, generally achieving fourfold Web content optimization and 50% higher throughput from application servers, ensuring a more coherent end-user experience that encourages commerce, more efficient bandwidth utilization, and better return on investment.

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