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Various Industry Challenges

Companies of all sectors and scales are increasingly seeking ways to digitize traditional aspects of their businesses, leveraging the latest IT innovations to facilitate business transformation into higher productivity, maximize returns on investment, and gain competitive advantages. Yet these “Going Digital” efforts are fraught with challenges, including major business disruptions if the digitization initiatives are not properly planned and properly executed. Successfully identifying business areas to transform, and then following through on the transformation with minimal or zero impact to business operations, requires highly skilled expertise along with sophisticated resources. These two requirements are often the biggest hurdles to successful business evolution, regardless of enterprise scale. In a survey on Cloud adoption (covering over 1,000 respondent business and technical managers and executives), the biggest concern was “lack of resources/expertise” followed by “security” and “managing costs.”

How CITIC Telecom CPC can help

For any company today exploring more efficient and effective ways to minimize cost, maximize revenue, and generally have enterprise operations and productive staff workflow depending on innovative IT solutions, it is essential that highly skilled expertise is available right at the start, and continues to be available to oversee the entire process of business evolution. To address this crucial need in the enterprise market, CITIC Telecom CPC offers SmartCLOUD™ Professional Service, providing an entire team of multidisciplinary experts in project management and technology planning to help businesses identify the right areas that can enjoy maximum benefit from IT innovation. SmartCLOUD™ Professional Service can assist companies throughout the process, from planning, to deployment, and even training staff to use the upgraded and tailored systems.

Beyond SmartCLOUD™ Professional Service, CITIC Telecom CPC offers an extensive portfolio of cutting-edge solutions that cover practically all vital areas of enterprise IT, and empower companies with an outsourced approach that can maximize features, performance, security and reliability, without the management complexity and cost of in-house IT staffing and equipment purchase and maintenance. These offerings encompass CITIC Telecom CPC’s carrier-class global network that covers 130+ countries across APAC, Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, as well as Central Asia, and a variety of cloud, security and datacenter facilities, along with over 140 Points of Presence.

With its company motto “Innovation Never Stops,” CITIC Telecom CPC consistently refines every aspect of its operations and product portfolio, so customers can rest assured they will always benefit from sophisticated ICT solutions that will empower their business successes in their own vertical segments.

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